3hr Guided forest therapy experience: Tamborine Mountain Botanical Gardens

 3hr Guided forest therapy experience: Tamborine Mountain Botanical Gardens
From AUD $80.00
  • Duration: 3 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Tamborine Mountain, Queensland
  • Product code: PD0ELD


Duration: 3 Hours (approx)

Accessibility: Wheelchair & Walker friendly

Facilities Onsite: Picnic areas, restrooms

Forest Therapy: meditation, gentle exercise,
sensory activities, creative activities, quiet contemplation


Overview - Leave the stress of daily life aside for
a while, give yourself permission to completely relax and let go.  Join me
for a 3hr immersive nature experience, where we will intentionally take our
time to breathe, slow down and connect with the present moment.  No need
to think about anything as you are gently guided through a series of sensory
and creative activities.  Experience moments of pure bliss, the warmth of
the sun on your skin, the gentle sounds of the forest, the fresh, cool air, the
aromas on the breeze and the softness of the grass beneath your feet.  Let
your imagination take over with some creative goodness and we close with a
Japanese inspired tea ceremony filled with a sense of gratitude and



Tamborine Mountain Botanical Gardens provides the
perfect environment for people of all ages, abilities, and fitness levels to
come and enjoy the healing power of nature on Tamborine Mountain.  Nestled
amongst the giant flooded gums, there is easy access with ample parking, wide
paths, gentle slopes, shaded areas and covered spaces.  Importantly, these
gardens have been lovingly developed and maintained by a dedicated group of
Tamborine Mountain Volunteers.  

Our walk will take approximately 3hrs and we will
cover 1.5km.  There is no strenuous hiking, we will take our time to
wander slowly along the trail, exploring the forest through all our
senses.  We are so often in such a hurry to get to places and do things we
miss the profound beauty of nature around us and our place within it.  

Take some time to discover the scientifically
proven health benefits of forest therapy including reduced blood pressure,
reduced feelings of stress/anxiety, improved cognitive function and a boost to
overall feelings of well-being to name a few.  Feel refreshed and
revitalised, take home some simple skills and techniques you can easily apply
in your own backyard or park close to home and share with family and friends.

You are the expert of your own journey, the forest
is the therapist and as your guide, I am here to walk alongside you and provide
you with simple, yet profound opportunities to support your process of slowing
down, reconnecting with nature and yourself.  With a background in social
work and mental health services and having been on my own path back to wellness
I can offer a unique blend of knowledge, skills and my own personal
experience.  I can attest to the healing power of nature, and I am excited
to offer this experience!  I look forward to meeting you in the forest.